Best Patio Decorating Tips by Larkspur at Creekside 

There is nothing quite like a pleasant outdoor space of your own, where you can spend time enjoying nature and relaxing. It doesn’t have to be a big backyard to be a great place to be. With a few good ideas, you can turn even a small patio into a place where you can kick back and unwind, maybe with a good book, or maybe with friends. The following tips will work to turn a patio, porch, or sunroom into a sanctuary worth sharing.  

There are plenty of ways to decorate a small space, but if you just want to quickly spruce up your patio and start enjoying it, that’s easy to do. Just remove any clutter, set out an outdoor couch and layer it with pillows and throws, pick a floor rug in a color that works with the couch, string up some fairy lights, bring out some potted plants, and relax. If you want to take your time and go a little deeper, check out these decorating ideas. 

  • Take time to consider your colors. You can consider your outdoor space an extension of your indoor living spaces, and pull your color scheme from inside, continuing the theme on your patio. Another thought is to create a neutral palette on the patio and change your accessories and décor with the seasons. If you prefer something more dramatic, though, consider painting one of the walls or staining your wood surfaces in a strong color like red or black. If a nautical look is more your style, go for blue and white stripes, or create a Floridian paradise in tropical colors like lime and strawberry, accented with crisp white. 
  • Your furniture has a major impact on the feel of your patio. If you like an airy look, you might want furniture made of light wrought iron, seagrass, or wicker, or you can create an edgy vibe with modern-looking furniture in architectural shapes. Teak furniture is casual but durable, and a standing or hanging wicker swing with comfy cushions provides a nice nook for relaxing. A bench along the wall works as a table or seating, depending on what’s needed, and furniture that can be folded and tucked away when not in use can make your patio more functional. Think about the feeling you want to promote in your space and find creative ways to promote it, like a hammock for a vacation vibe, or mix and match furniture for a cozy, eclectic effect. 
  • Use plants to your advantage. A patio is the perfect place for a charming container garden. If you’re low on space, you can use a single planter for several different plants. On a balcony, consider planter boxes that allow flowering vines to spill over the side and create a lush feel. An herb garden adds greenery and is also useful when you’re cooking. And if you want to make a short ceiling seem higher, add a tall blooming plant in a pot to your patio. 
  • Be creative when it comes to décor. Think about how you want your space to function, and how you can put your own stamp on it. Add decorative touches like a small chandelier or some candles, lamps, or lanterns, hang drapes, and think about different types of flooring you could use. Maybe you’d like an outdoor rug, or maybe you’d prefer to avoid a tripping hazard and paint or stencil the floor. You can also put down interlocking wood tiles, to change the look of your space. Think practically, too. A fully stocked bar cart is a great addition to the patio if you plan to entertain frequently, and wicker baskets can hold throws and wraps for cooler weather. A water feature like a small fountain is also a nice addition to a relaxing patio space. 

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